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We are trusted among our clients to sanitize more than 2.9 million square-feet of office spaces, factories, warehouses, schools, and other institutions.

Comprehensive. No Shortcuts.

The Professional Service By Dr.Hygiene.

You are allowed to be on site during the sanitizing process as no health risks are posed. Your schedule remains uninterrupted. 

1. On-site Asessment

Full onsite vulnerability assessment. Square-footage of area to be sanitized is determined using a laser distance meter.

2. Remove obstacles

Removal and clearance of obstacles around areas to be sanitized to prevent damages or minor scuffing to personal items.

3. Fumigation

Fumigation with mist covering up to 50micormeters any surface.

4. Manual Wipe-down

Manual wiping of high-touch surface areas. Desktops, tables, railings, countertops.

Our Existing Clientele Includes:


dNational Car Manufacturers


Banks & Financial Institutions


Hotel Chains


Clinic & Medical Facilities


Learning Institutions

Office Units

Residential Units

Factory & Industrial Units

Disinfect Your Premises Now

Suitable For Most Building Types.

Fight Against Infections & Disease.

Microbes are tiny living organisms that are found all around us, but are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Microbes are a huge class that includes strains of bacteria, viruses, fungi and even protozoa. Research has shown that they are airborne and can linger on surfaces for days and even weeks.

We are highly rated, and strongly recognized amongst our existing customer base; as a top-notch service provider for commercial or residential sanitizing & disinfection. With offices in Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka & Johor, we service customers all throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

Don't DIY. Hire A Professional.

Our commercial grade disinfectant is neither water nor alcohol based. Electronic devices and wooden surfaces will never be damaged.

Commercially available disinfectants only provide immediate relief as often microbes aren't eradicated fully.

Do you use the same cloth to wipe down your whole office? DIY methods are not precise, and may pose health risks.

this is our staff working on-site.
we guarantee professional services

Regular household grade disinfectants will only provide immediate and temporary disinfection. DIY methods aren’t precise and could actually end up making your premises dirtier. Think about this. How often are your cloths changed, and is the same cloth used to wipe down the entire building? Are your cleaning detergents water or alcohol based (effectively running electronics & wooden surfaces for the long-run)? Detergents that are commercially available are only of mild concentration, meaning its ineffective against the more harmful microbes.

We tailor services to customer requirement.

What makes us better?

Take a look at our figures. 

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We Love Our Clients

"After 2 months, we will be opening our doors again on Thursday, 14 May.This is in accordance with the directive from the National Security Council (Majlis Keselamatan Negara). We have engaged the services of a Professional Disinfection company to clean and disinfect our restaurant and kitchen for the health, safety and well-being of our team."
1882 Bistro Owner
"Sangat berpuas hati dengan perkhidmatan Dr Hygiene. Senang sangat nak tetapkan temu janji dengan sales rep. Cara menjalankan kerja memang pakar."
See Yin
little dreamer franchise owner
"Clean & professional works from the sanitizing crew. Also, very accommodative"
Thompson Tan
natty team factory manager
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